PUR FM-3500B Advanced Chrome Faucet Water Filter PUR FM-9400B AdvancedPlus Chrome Faucet Water Filter PUR CR-1100C 11 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Electronic Filter Change Light

PUR Products

PUR Products
PUR Water Filtration systems provide clean, filtered, delicious water—conveniently.

PUR Faucet Water Filters
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Faucet Water Filters

PUR Faucet Water Filters reduce 60 contaminants that may be found in your water. The Advanced and AdvancedPlus models also filter water over natural minerals that give it a crisp, fresh taste.
PUR Water Pitchers & Dispensers
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Water Pitchers & Dispensers

Space-saving design fits easily in refrigerator for clean and filtered water.
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Replacement Filters & Accessories for PUR
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Replacement Filters & Accessories

Kaz offers high quality replacement parts for your water filtration products from PUR.
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